About Klenz

As the founder of Klenz Chemicals I want to share with you just how we have grown into a renowned brand that is now distributed on a national scale. It was never easy entering a territory that seemed to belong to the major multinationals… but before I go into any details… 1st I want to tell you what made me get into this business… I, also worked for one of the 10 largest automotive components manufacturers in the world… however I need to send my sons to university and couldn’t afford to do so on my salary which was modest, and that’s when it all started to happen. With little or no Knowledge about chemicals… in 1997, I started with a product known as engine cleaner, at that stage my supplier couldn’t tolerate my high demands on quality and consistency and decided to take me off his customer list but was kind enough to give me a basic formula which I tweaked to create what is currently accepted in the trade as the very best amongst engine cleaners.

Anti-freeze was the next product followed by brake fluid. Many years later with my sons all engineers we ventured into automotive oils procuring stocks from toll blenders… that went on for some time and we found they were never able to fit-in with our value system, which meant that, the product had to be of the same quality every time and not some of the time, as they believed to be O.K. Hence we decided to blend all the oils ourselves… so… we can ensure and keep tight control on quality. We pledge to provide the consumer a product he can trust and have peace of mind in.

How difficult is it to blend quality oils? Honestly… not difficult at all. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and vehicles manufactures have laid down oil specification so it is very simple to blend a quality oil provided one adheres to the original formulation… this is a matter of using a quality base oil and the recommended quantity of OEM approved additives, this will result in a high quality product that will be equal to all international brands. What’s in it for you as a consumer?… that too… is simple… when you buy a product that is used in the vehicles of the manufacturing company, vehicles, that are currently under factory warranty… then you can be assured that these people are serious about quality and trust in their brand. Motor vehicle manufacturers know about their vehicles as much as we know about oils.